Community Health Assessment

Community Health Assessment from rome health near rome ny

All not-for-profit hospitals are required to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). A CHNA is designed to identify, prioritize and address health issues in a hospital’s primary service area and, according to IRS regulations, must be completed at least once every three years.

2022-2024 Oneida County Community Health Assessment and Community Service Plan

2022-2024 Rome Health Implementation Plan

Oneida County Health Department (OCHD),  Rome Health (RH) and Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) collaborated to develop a three-year Community Health Assessment, Community Service Plan, and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHA/CSP/CHIP). 

The development of the CHA, CSP and CHIP for the period of 2022-2024 involved a systematic approach of data retrieval and analysis, community engagement with a unified mission to identify and rank health priorities that aim to improve overall health and reduce disparities among residents of Oneida County. 

Multiple methods were used to gather community input, including conducting community focus groups, an online survey, and in-depth interviews of community members and leaders. These methods provided additional perspectives on how to select and address top health issues facing the region.

In-depth interviews were conducted with 12 community stakeholders representing community leaders, health organization administrators, public health stakeholders, social service personnel, the NAACP and the Latino Association.

The health priorities identified within this report align with New York State’s mission, which is to be the healthiest state for people across all ages. The collaborative community health planning partnership adopted the New York State (NYS) Prevention Agenda 2019-2024 priorities, which provides the blueprint to improve the health and wellbeing, as well as to promote health equity across populations who experience disparities and guide the development of the plan. 


The data from the CHA guides the hospital in the development of tactics to transform operations in support of its strategic plan.  These tactics are organized under the pillars of fiscal sustainability; convenience, quality, access; and engagement.

For the purposes of the county/hospital Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), we are tasked with identifying two key priority areas that the hospitals and the county health department will work on collaboratively using evidence based interventions from the New York State Prevention Agenda.  
Based upon the feedback from the community and the data analysis, Rome Health, the Oneida County Health Department and Mohawk Valley Health System narrowed the priorities down to 4 areas and selected the following 2 focus areas.
Mental Health/Children Teens Social Emotional Health:
Mental health was overwhelming identified as a crisis for this community and our county doesn’t have a good structure in place to coordinate our efforts.
Chronic Disease Preventive Care/Screenings:
While there is infrastructure in place, there are still gaps with lack of access, coordination of care, especially with vulnerable populations. It’s an area that impacts large numbers of people.
The other two areas that had emerged from the research were:
Substance Use/Opioids
Maternal Child Health
While they will not be selected as one of the two priorities in our CHIP, the health assessment will identify them as important health issues in our community that groups will continue to work on to improve outcomes. 
It was felt that these two areas had some infrastructure in place for collaboration and teams were already actively working on interventions within their scope of work.

Comments regarding the data collected and the priorities and implementation strategies identified may be made by contacting Rome Health's Public Relations Department at 315.338.7533.