Patient Portal

Rome Health and our affiliated physician practices now offer patients secure online access to portions of your medical record. Each portal requires a separate registration and log-in.

Rome Health Patient Portal
(FOR HOSPITAL VISITS ONLY. Excludes Medical Center. Please scroll down for all other )


  • Overnight Hospital Stays
  • Emergency Department Visits
  • Lab Results
  • Medical Imaging Results

To Register For Patient Portal

Provide a valid e-mail address at registration during your visit to receive a personalized invitation via e-mail. Follow the link to verify your identity and create your account.

Already Registered?

Click on the link above and enter your user name and password.

Through your Patient Portal You Can..

View and download portions of your medical record. View your lab and medical imaging test results. Pay your bill online

To access your medical record on your mobile device

Download the Medlio app from the Google Play app store or from Apple’s App Store. Once this is completed and you request your health related info from Medlio, your identity will be authenticated using your secure FollowMyHealth account.

Patient Portals for Physician Practices

Rome Health Online Scheduling

Schedule Online Now

You can now schedule your appointment in real-time for
Primary Care and Pediatrics. This applies to:

  • Boonville
  • Camden
  • Rome Health Medical Center
  •  Rome Health Pediatrics

(You do not need to have a patient portal account to schedule)

Rome Health Primary Care | Specialty Clinics

Visit Patient Portal

Office Visits to

  • Boonville Healthcare Center
  • Camden Healthcare Center
  • Rome Health Pediatrics
  • Rome Health Primary Care
  • Rome Health Surgical Specialists
  • Rome Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
  • Rome Health Neurology
  • Rome Health Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Rome Health Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine
  • Rome Health Prenatal Clinic

To Activate Your Patient Portal Account

Receive your personal activation code in person during your office visit or call 315.338.7040 for your activation code. Click on  link above to create your own username, password, and other log-in information used to verify your identity.

Already Registered?

Click on the appropriate link above and enter your user name and password.

Through your Patient Portal You Can...

  • View and download your medical record summary
  • View medication list and request a prescription refill
  • View upcoming appointments and appointment history
  • Request an appointment (Primary Care | Pediatrics)
  • Update demographic and insurance information
  • Communicate with your doctor’s office securely (non-urgent messages only)

Security & Privacy

We take great care to ensure your health information is kept private and secure by adhering to the latest security standards and utilizing advanced encryption technology. Access to information is controlled through a secure invitation process, personal IDs and passwords.

Your name and e-mail address will be treated with the same care and privacy given your health records, and will never be sold or leased by Rome Health or our Patient Portal partners.

Your Personal Health Record

The information provided in the Patient Portal is for your personal use. You may enter additional information; however, it will not be reflected in your medical record maintained by the hospital. Any questions regarding test results should be directed to your physician.

For Assistance

If you need technical assistance with Rome Health's Patient Portal, please call (315) 338-7139.

If you have questions about your medical care or test results, please contact your physician.

Gather All Your Information in a Personal Health Record

Now you can retrieve your medical records from all of your healthcare providers into your own personal health record with MyLinks®.

MyLinks is free and helps patients to securely gather, manage and share their health records and can be accessed on any web-enabled device by going here.

Personal Health Record

MyLinks allows patients to:

  • Use any web-enabled device to access their health records
  • Send and share records using multiple options
  • Manage multiple accounts from one login
  • Add documents and images
  • Grant access to view or manage records
  • Correct or add info to your records
  • Connect your health devices

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